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Old 03-12-2001

I need a script to do the following and have no idea how to do it...can someone help?

I need to start Sql*Plus, load a query, say "unmatched.sql", run the query, then load and run it, then print the output file that created...

any help greatly appreciated.

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Old 03-14-2001
From UNIX shell, if you would like to connect to sqlplus
and do some processing, you can go about this way by enclosing the following in a shell script

sqlplus -s user_id/passwd << end-it

set pages 0 feedback off echo off

--run the procedure you want to



Run the above script at the shell command prompt

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Old 03-14-2001
Thanks! It works great! I'm pretty new to unix so I have no idea how that script works. Can someone explain the script line by line to me please? thanks

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