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Old 01-09-2008
MySQL script for deletion using wildcards

find ./ -name t\* | sed "s@^./@@" > .filestobedeleted

j=$(wc -l < .filestobedeleted)

typeset -i cnt=0

typeset -i i=0

while read line



((cnt = cnt + 1))

done < .filestobedeleted

while [ ${i} -le ${j} ]



destfile=$(basename ${file})

ABS_PATH=$(cd $(dirname ${file});pwd)

suffix=$ABS_PATH/${destfile}_$(date +%d%m%y%H%M%S)


echo $suffix >> $HOME/.trashinfo

mv -vi "$file" "$HOME/.trash/${destfile}_${timestamp}"

((i = i + 1))


in the first line , I have specified the input directly

instead we should receive the input which is generally using $1 as below but if I give the input as $1 it does not recognize t\*

there is something that needs to be done , kindly check

find ./ -name $1 | sed "s@^./@@" > .filestobedeleted
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Old 01-09-2008
find ./ -name $1 | sed "s@^./@@" > .filestobedeleted

If your find command when using t\* works for you then what you have there looks good enough. Are you remembering to escape the wildcard when passing it to the script? (eg ./ 't\*')

I would generally recommend escaping the entry within the find too though:
find ./ -name "$1" ...

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