grep usage - skipping dirs

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Old 01-04-2008
grep usage - skipping dirs

I am in Linux and would like to use the -d skip option for skipping directories in a grep search. What is the order of switches and strings?

switches I'd like to use: -irl -d skip '/dirtoskip'
text I am searching for: 'fax'
dir in which to begin: /var/www/kewbie/*

How should I join these together?

Thank you.
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Old 01-05-2008
You should have looked at the man page which would tell you quickly the order (Online Linux man page - grep)

grep [options] PATTERN [FILE...]
grep [options] [-e PATTERN | -f FILE] [FILE...]

command <--- Options -----> Pattern <---File--->
grep -irl -d skip '/dirtoskip' 'fax' /var/www/kewbie/*

(Note I don't have a linux system to test this Smilie )
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