HP-UX 11.23 ia64 and Glance

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Old 01-02-2008
HP-UX 11.23 ia64 and Glance

I've been searching and cannot seem to find anywhere online a link to a manual for Glance.

Does anyone have a link to this? I searched in here already and the links I found on a post from 2002 were dead.

And more to the point, do you know if you can use Glance to see Disk I/O per logical volume or by volume group or by process?
We had a period of 100% utilization today and the sys eng/hardware/SAN guys were asking if I could break it out for them.

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Old 01-03-2008
Look in /opt where you installed glance, It should come with docs. Or run it and and type a question mark. It has docs built in. Typing a ? should get you a menu like this:
a    All CPUs Detail Screen 
c    CPU Detail  Screen  
d    Disk  Detail Screen   
g    Global  Screen  
i    Disk  I/O  by  File  System  Screen
k    Diskless  Server  Resource  Utilization  Screen  
l    LAN  Detail Screen  
m    Memory  Detail  Screen  
N    Global  NFS  Activity Screen
n    NFS  by  System  Screen  
t    System  Table  Utilization   Screen
u    Disk  Queue  Lengths  Screen  
v    Logical  Volume  Detail Screen
w    Swap Detail Screen 
?    Commands Menu _ 
S    Select a NFS  system
s    Select  a  single  process  
F    Open  Files Screen for a process
M    Memory Regions Screen for a process 
R    Process Resource Summary
W    Wait  States  Screen  for  a  process _ 
b    Scroll page backward
f    Scroll page forward 
h    Online help 
j    Adjust refresh interval
o    Adjust  process  threshold 
p    Print toggle 
q    Quit GlancePlus
r    Refresh the  current  screen  
y    Renice  a  process  
z    Reset statistics  to  zero  
>    Display  next  logical  screen 
<    Display previous screen 
!    Invoke a shell

Pick one of those options to go to some screen. And then you can type h for details about what each number means.
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Old 01-03-2008
thanks. I will look for the documentation there.
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