Clarification on .cshrc,.exrc,.login,.profile,.sh_history files

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Old 12-27-2007
Clarification on .cshrc,.exrc,.login,.profile,.sh_history files


I had a request to delete filed under a directory that was 35 days old . And they asked me to scedule it in CRON . I have done that .

I have use find and delete with mtime to perfrom this task .

But my script is not deleting this .cshrc,.exrc,.login,.profile,.sh_history file and in the log file i am getting the FAIL error When i checked the permsion of file it doent have the permsion to delete.

My question is .

If i run as root user will this file be deleted

Is it advicable to delete these files ?.

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Old 12-27-2007
If the directory is a home directory of an account, then those files are probably being used. Best not to delete them.

And root should be able to delete those files.
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