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Old 02-23-2002
CPU & Memory -Computer hangs when scanning ports-

Hi everyone,

I 've just installed Mandrake Linux v8.0 and everything worked fine untill, i think after having booted from Windows 2000, my computer 'hangs' at the pixelated pinguin startup screen
and displays something like:

Winbond Super Something Now scanning ports: 3f0 2f8 320 110
SMCD scanning ports: 3f0 2fg

When i press enter i get a login prompt but i want to get into the (KDE) G.UI. instead of the shell..

What's wrong and what can i do about this?
Lots of thanx in advance!
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Old 02-26-2002
Computer let's rephrase my question..

How can i get into the GUI of Mandrake
from the textbased shell (bash)..
This is probaby very easy but i'm very new to Linux/Unix so i don't have a clue..

Thanx in advance!

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Old 02-26-2002
Try typing "startx" once you are logged in.

I'm not very familiar with Mandrake, but I suspect they have some kind of control-panel similar to RedHat's linuxconf. Load that up and you should be able to change the default setting to a graphical login.
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Old 02-26-2002
MySQL Thanx!

Thanx! I saw something like 'startx' before..but i did not try it yet..

After installing Mandrake again, everything's working fine but next time something goes wrong i'll try the STARTX command..

It has something to do with the X-window system, hasn't it? Smilie

greetz Phaelanx
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