HOw to get a variable allocation

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Old 12-17-2007
HOw to get a variable allocation

HI Gurus,

I had a requirement where i want to allocate a file name into a variable and get the file name in the subj of email.

Suppose i have a file File002.pdx in the folder /home/pcs/system/files/File002.pdx

Iam using a variable a = `ls /home/pcs/system/files/*.pdx`

Iam using * because the file name will be changing time to time.

When iam using $a in the sub folder its coming complete path into the subject of email

please help me the sample code
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Old 12-17-2007
If U have more than 1 file in your directory, U will get a list of files names with full path in your variable.

If U have only 1 file like *.pdx, do this to get the file name with extension:
fnamex=$(basename /home/pcs/system/files/*.pdx)

... the file name without extension
fname=$(basename /home/pcs/system/files/*.pdx .pdx)

But if the command " ls basename /home/pcs/system/files/*.pdx " gives more than one file, U need to do a for loop, like this :

for ff in $(ls home/pcs/system/files/*.pdx .pdx); do
fx=$(basename $ff)
echo $fx

To get the directory name U can use " dirname " instead of " basename "

is this what U asked for ??
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Old 12-18-2007
Thanks fr ur reply

Actual we have only one file in it.
So the code is working
Thanks fr ur prompt reply
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