send file from UNIX to windows across network

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Old 02-18-2002
send file from UNIX to windows across network

Is there an easy way (besides samba) to send a file from a unix server to a win98 machine across a network. I am on a SCO server and need to send the file to a windows machine so the program on the machine does not keep on looking for it on my server. It checks for a new file every couple of milla seconds so it bogs down my server. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Michael Stevens
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Old 02-18-2002
Read the man pages on FTP (file transfer program) to learn about the many options...

You can PUT or GET, but probably easier to get file using the CMD window on you WINbox.

c: (make sure you are on the c drive)
FTP <server name or IP address here>
username and password as prompted
bin ( to enable transfer of binary files...ascii for ascii)
cd to source directory
get filename.ext

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Old 02-19-2002
If you're going from Unix to Windows, Samba may also work for you:

Setting up an FTP server on the Windows machine, and using the Unix machine as a client (just like above) may be better...

You kind of just have to figure what's better for your needs.
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Old 02-20-2002
I would suggest you either learn the command line entries for ftp on your windows machine... or simply download a ftp software application and install it on your windows machine..

go to or and search for ftp products.. some are shareware.. some are freeware..

WS_FTP LE for Windows 95/98/NT is one you can look at
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Old 02-20-2002
And if you don't want your FTP swingin' in the breeze for all to see, you can also copy files via SSH.

Under Win32 you can use the free suite of PuTTY tools located at for doing copies and FTP via SSH.
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Old 02-20-2002
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