how to find the owner PID of open socket on Solaris9?

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Old 12-11-2007
Question how to find the owner PID of open socket on Solaris9?

Hi all,
I am trying to connect the open socket and its owner PID on my Solaris9 system. But it seems not very easy.

As netstat is not as powerful as it is on Linux platform, without the "-program" option, and "lsof -i <UDP|TCP>@<hostIP>" won't show the one i want although it lists some idle and some .

Could you please suggest which tool shall i work with on this issue. Below is the one that i want to get:
# netstat -an | grep 161
*.161 Idle

Thanks in advance
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Old 12-11-2007

/usr/bin/pcred [pid | core]
will give you the credentials of each PID, also have a look at /usr/bin/pwdx as it will give you the working directory of the PID, if you need more have a look at the man page for any of the above.

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