Silly question on printing for loop in AWK

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Old 12-10-2007
Silly question on printing for loop in AWK


One silly question. I would like to add statement like below and append to a file. I used the below code; however, it does not work. Can anyone please tell me what mistakes I have made?

awk '
{ for (i=1;i<=563;i++)
print i



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Old 12-11-2007
Remember that awk is a filter. It wants to read a file line by line and it would try to run your code for each line. But you can do this:

$ awk 'BEGIN { for (i=1;i<6;i++) print i ; exit 0 }'

I am getting away with having no input file. The BEGIN block is executed before the file is opened and since it exits, awk never tries to open a file.
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