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problem with the blank spaces in array

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Old 12-06-2007
problem with the blank spaces in array

Hi all!

i need your help.
I'm getting started with this...

in need to insert in an array string values. But the thing is that this strings have blank spaces...

for example if a want to put "filed1 = " and "field2 = " .... in the array , when i want to print all the fields, it only shows me the first field... Smilie
i don't know how to resolve this ... please help me.

fieldGlobal[0]="AS_DB_PWD : "
fieldGlobal[1]="BHC_DB_PWD : "

while [ ${i} -le ${#fieldGlobal[*]} ]

echo "${fieldGlobal[i]}"

let i=$i+1

thanks in advance!
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Old 12-06-2007
Could you include what you have when you execute the script?
# 3  
Old 12-06-2007
it shows:

# 4  
Old 12-06-2007
echo "${fieldGlobal[${i}]}" 
let i=i+1

# 5  
Old 12-06-2007
On my box both versions gave the same result:


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