help assining variables

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Old 12-05-2007
help assining variables

this is what i'm trying to do...

while test -f $newFile
echo $newFile already existed, renaming.
variable = 000
newFile = '$newFile.$variable'
((variable += 1))
echo file name is now $newFile

Q - on line five, I'm trying to append the numbers to the end of the file, someFile.000. Will this work? it that works and it does the test again and fails again, will it then change to someFile.001? or would it append to the end someFile.000.001

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Old 12-05-2007
It will work, but without the single quotes around the variable names. You can use double quotes, or none at all. And it will append to the end (you will get 000.001).
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Old 12-05-2007
is there a way to write over what was appended or possibly increment the file name itself?
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Old 12-05-2007
The following example show help. Manually create two files "gg" and "gg.000" to demo.



typeset -i variable
while test -f $newFile
   echo $newFile already existed, renaming.
   (( variable += 1 ))
   typeset -Z3 va=$variable
echo file name is now $newFile

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