Help needed to sort multiple columns in one file

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Old 12-04-2007
Help needed to sort multiple columns in one file


I would like to know given that I have 3 columns.

Let say I have first 3 columns to do operation and these operation output is printed out each line by line using AWK and associative array.Currently in the output file, I do a sort by -r for the operation output.

The problem comes to picture where I have more than one operation to perform on the same 3 columns and hence, different variables array.
I would like to sort this when the first and second column value gives me 0 value.

my current code is something like:-

cat a.txt| awk `


for(i in count){
printf("%d %d\n", count[i], add[i]);}

}`|sort -r catsort.txt

The above script only sort by "count" array variables. What I desired is to have "add" to sort if $1 and $2 is "0". I thought of duplicate the whole thing again to sort by "add" which i just need to modify the printf to
printf("%d %d\n" ,add[i],count[i]) and add the condition of if $1 and $2 is 0.But it doesnt seem to make sense to me as this cause to create more files! Please help!


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Old 12-07-2007
show me the example input and desired output

If you show me the example input data and desired output data.
It may be helpful
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