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Old 11-25-2007
Data search a logfile for strings

Hi experts..

I am trying to write a shell script which will scan a log file for three strings ie success image1, success image2, success image3.
My shell is tcsh

If all the 3 strings are found then insert the 3 strings to a file1 and send mail to developers with file1

If all 3 are note found copy the strings to a file2 and send file2 to developers.

Similarly, if string image1 & image2 are found and image3 missing...then insert the string image1 & image2 to file-1 and insert the string image3 to file-2 and send a mail attaching both file1 & file2 to developer.

I tried if - else but that is making the scrip longer,

Could anyone please tell me different way (ideally,using fgrep\grep\sed\awk..or other)


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PHISTO(1)						      General Commands Manual							 PHISTO(1)

phisto - compute a luminance histogram from one or more RADIANCE pictures SYNOPSIS
phisto picture .. DESCRIPTION
Phisto is a script that calls pfilt(1), rcalc(1) and histo(1) to compute a histogram of log luminance values for foveal samples in the given picture files. A foveal sample covers approximately 1 degree, though this script does not use this exact area. The minimum and max- imum values are determined, and 100 histogram bins are uniformly divided between these extrema. Foveal samples less than 1e-7 cande- las/sq.meter are silently ignored. If no picture is named on the command line, the standard input is read. The primary function of this script is to precompute histograms for the pcond(1) program, which may then be used to compute multiple, iden- tical exposures. This is especially useful for animations and image comparisons. EXAMPLE
To compute two identical tone mappings for image1.hdr and image2.hdr: phisto image1.hdr image2.hdr > both.histo pcond -I -h image1.hdr < both.histo > image1m.hdr pcond -I -h image2.hdr < both.histo > image2m.hdr AUTHOR
Greg Ward Larson SEE ALSO
histo(1), pcond(1), pfilt(1), pvalue(1), rcalc(1), total(1) RADIANCE
3/12/98 PHISTO(1)