direct output to a file then email it

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Old 11-20-2007
direct output to a file then email it

Ok so i have this script and I dont know how to have the output go to a file and then email that file to someone.


print "AL"
print "AM"
print "AN"
print "RL\n"

nawk '/PROD/ {print $3, $2}' /home/user/switch_listtest | sort -k1,2
print "End of Report"

Thank you in advance for any responders!
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Old 11-20-2007
You can stream the whole thing directly into an email if you play about with sockets (which I'm cr@p at in shell so I won't try and show you how), but otherwise you can go with your idea of using a temporary file like so:
print "To: $recipient" > $tempfile
print "From: $sender" >> $tempfile
print "Subject: some stuff\n" >> $tempfile
print "AL" >> $tempfile
print "AM" >> $tempfile
print "AN" >> $tempfile
print "RL\n" >> $tempfile

nawk '/PROD/ {print $3, $2}' /home/user/switch_listtest | sort -k1,2 >> $tempfile
print "End of Report" >> $tempfile
if cat $tempfile | $sendmail $recipient
    print "Ok"
    rm -f $tempfile
    exit 0
    print "Barf!"
    print "Tried to send the message contained in the following file to $recipient but failed:"
    print "$tempfile"
    exit 1

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Old 11-21-2007
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