fatal: xmalloc: out of memory

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Old 02-11-2002
Question fatal: xmalloc: out of memory


I was just checking the logs (syslog.dated/date/daemon.log) and came across the following....

Feb 9 06:00:32 xxxx sshd[21489]: fatal: xmalloc: out of memory (allocating 0 bytes)


sshd--> It's the secure shell daemon

We have 400 free pages (page size=8192) and no paging on the system!

What could be the issue?


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Old 02-11-2002
I have never heard of xmalloc, but that sounds like a private version of malloc. malloc tries to allocate space to a process's data segment. You may be bumping into the max size of the data segment which is typically controlled by a kernel parameter named maxdsiz. There is a system call called setrlimit that can further restrict a process's data segment size, but I doubt that it was invoked for a daemon.
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Old 02-11-2002
I am sorry, I fogot to mention that this is Tru64 UNIX 40f.

We had to change the shm-max parameter based on
Oracle's recommendation to 2139095040 (2GB-8MB).

But this was almost > a year ago and this is the first time.... we have seen any such message in the syslog.
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