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diff between tcsh and csh -f

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Old 11-12-2007
diff between tcsh and csh -f


Am very new to linux/unix, workin in it since 10 days only. I had started with bash and now I need to work in tcsh. I have changed shell for my user profile using 'chsh'

I use gedit for script writing. Now in the first line if I write #!/bin/tcsh i get d msg
/home/usr/.cshrc: No such file or directory.

If I use #!/bin/csh -f
the script runs

Am confused if I'm still in tcsh or not. Please help.

And also please guide me to a good reference. I have been to TCSH(1) Astron 6.10.01 (26 April 2001) TCSH(1) but frankly I could not understand anything. I started with linux by refering to :: commandlinux :: and that was very helpful.
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Old 11-12-2007
Edit the .cshrc file. Sounds like it contains a reference to a non-existant file or directory.
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Old 11-12-2007
I logged in as root and changed shell for my profile, kamath, to tcsh using 'chsh' command

Now when I login as kamath and open terminal command line I get foll msg:

shell = /bin/tcsh : sourcing .cshrc .login
DISPLAY is set to:
/home/kamath/.cshrc: No such file or directory.
[kamath@ind ~]$

And on 'ls -la' I cannot see .cshrc file

Any solutions on that???

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