Add route gateway -> Restart !! Lose it

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Old 02-08-2002
Question Add route gateway -> Restart !! Lose it



I donīt know how to add route gateway and when restart the machine lose this route and put other.

In SCO ver 5.6 Enterprise write:

etc\route delete gateway
route add gateway

so , netstat -rn to see if has change -> all ok

Restart -> !!! Has lost Default gateway!!!

Could you explain that?
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Old 02-08-2002
Found on


I have manually run the 'route add default' command to add
a default route to the route table. This route works
successfully, but I also want this route to be added to
the route table automatically whenever the system is rebooted.


The 'route add default' statement should be added in the
/etc/rc2.d directory. In SCO Open Server 3.0, the route
add statement was included in /etc/tcp or /etc/rc.d/8/userdef.
However, in SCO OpenServer 5.0, some of the startup scripts
are executed in parallel which cause some timing issues.
Therefore it is recommended that a new file named S99route be
created in /etc/rc2.d which includes the route add statement.

# cd /etc/rc2.d
# vi S99route

echo "Setting default route"
/etc/route add default <IP#> (where <IP#> is the 'gateway' IP

# chown root S99route
# chgrp sys S99route
# chmod 744 S99route
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Old 02-08-2002
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