Hi plz How to configure my sendmail or mail commands???

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Hi plz How to configure my sendmail or mail commands???
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Old 02-10-2002
The syntax of the 'sendmail' command to actually send an email, or the syntax of how to use 'sendmail' the MTA?
'man sendmail'
'man mail'
and http://www.sendmail.org/
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EXTSMAIL.EXTERNALS(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 				     EXTSMAIL.EXTERNALS(1)

extsmail.externals -- configure which external commands to robustly send e-mail via DESCRIPTION
extsmail.externals is used to configure extsmaild(1). It consists of one or more group declarations. Each group consists of zero or more match / reject clauses followed by one or more external declarations. An external consists of one or more assignments of key = value pairs. When sending messages extsmaild(1) first searches through the externals file, in order, for a group whose match / reject clauses match the message in question. If a group does not contain any such clauses it automatically matches all messages. Match / reject clauses currently match only against headers, and use standard POSiX extended regular expressions (see re_format(7) for more details). extsmaild(1) then tries each external in the group, in order, to send the message successfully. The grammar for this file is as follows: group ::= { matches* external+ } matches ::= match | reject match ::= MATCH HEADER string reject ::= REJECT HEADER string external ::= EXTERNAL ID { defn+ } defn ::= ID = STRING | ID = TIME TIME ::= [0-9]+[dhms] Valid assignments within an external are: sendmail Defines the external shell command used to send e-mail. timeout If extsmaild(1) is executed in daemon mode, this value defines the length of time that extsmaild(1) will retry this external before giving up and trying the next external in the group. Times are specified as a number followed by d (days), h (hours) m (minutes), or s (seconds). If extsmaild(1) is executed in batch mode, the timeout value is ignored. FILES
The extsmail configuration file is searched for, in order, in the following locations: ~/.extsmail/externals Per-user configuration. /etc/extsmail/externals System-wide configuration. EXAMPLES
The simplest externals file sending e-mail via ssh(1) looks as follows: group { external mymachine { sendmail = "/usr/bin/ssh -q -C -l user mymachine.net /usr/sbin/sendmail" } } where mymachine is a human-friendly name given to an external (it does not effect processing), and user is the username on the remote machine mymachine.net. A more complex example using multiple groups, message matching, and multiple external commands looks as follows: group { match header "^To:.*@foo.com" external foo { sendmail = "/usr/bin/ssh -q -C -l user shell.foo.com /usr/sbin/sendmail" } } group { external mymachine { sendmail = "/usr/bin/ssh -q -C -l user mymachine.net /usr/sbin/sendmail" } external bk { sendmail = "/usr/bin/ssh -q -C -l user bk.mymachine.net /usr/sbin/sendmail" } } SEE ALSO
extsmail(1), extsmail.conf(5), extsmaild(1) AUTHORS
Laurence Tratt <http://tratt.net/laurie/> BSD
November 2, 2008 BSD