Connection Lost from Unix Server....

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Old 02-07-2002
Connection Lost from Unix Server....

This morning I was working by Xwindow to my unix server (hp-ux, 11 version), without any problem but this afteernoon, the connections was refused, and triying to connect using telnet, sometimes I can establish the connection and refuses me in a minute, the error message that appears is "your connection has finished", doing a ping to unix server, appeared well status but when using a ping -t, if I wait for more than a minute appears this message "Source quench received" I don't know why this appears....

I'm using windows 2000 with Exceed tool, and worked well from Monday until now....

Do you know how to solve this problem???

thanks a lot....

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Old 02-09-2002
It sounds like you are having a network issue, not neccesarily a HP/UX issue. Here's what the 'Source Quench' error you get means:
"Source Quench
This message is returned by a router when it knows how to forward a packet, but has a backlog of packets for the network to the next hop system, and does not have sufficient buffer space to retain the packet until it can be sent. One Source Quench packet is generated by a router for every packet that must be dropped due to lack of buffer space, so long as the packet is not an ICMP packet or is an Echo Request. This generally occurs when a router is forwarding packets from a fast network to a slow network, or when a router is forwarding packets from a number of networks to one network.

You should not generally see this error message. When the kernel receives this message, it generally slows down the rate at which data is sent to the connected host. The error is sometimes reported by the ping command, but even then, it is usually not relevant to the ping attempt (check the destination address to be sure). If the Source Quench message is a responce to ping, it is an indication that the <A HREF="../define/Router.html>router that generated it is very busy. Ping usually generates a very small packet once per second, and is unlikely to saturate a router by itself.

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