small semaphore query

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Old 10-24-2007
small semaphore query

While using semget function we use the flag 0777 | IPC_CREAT or IPC_CREAT |0666 . What is the significance of these numbers and the order in which they are written ?

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Old 10-24-2007

#define S_IRWXU     00700   /* read, write, execute: owner */
#define S_IRUSR     00400   /* read permission: owner */
#define S_IWUSR     00200   /* write permission: owner */
#define S_IXUSR     00100   /* execute permission: owner */
#define S_IRWXG     00070   /* read, write, execute: group */
#define S_IRGRP     00040   /* read permission: group */
#define S_IWGRP     00020   /* write permission: group */
#define S_IXGRP     00010   /* execute permission: group */
#define S_IRWXO     00007   /* read, write, execute: other */
#define S_IROTH     00004   /* read permission: other */
#define S_IWOTH     00002   /* write permission: other */
#define S_IXOTH     00001   /* execute permission: other */

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