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Old 10-19-2007
Error File Format issue: Output of sqlplus


I am using a query like below in my shell script :

echo "set echo off"
echo "set head off"
echo "whenever sqlerror exit -1;
select NUMBER ||','||
FNAME ||','||
LOC ||','||
NUM ||','||
DESC ||','||
ID ||','||
INC ||','||
to_char(start_date,'dd-mm-yyyy') ||','||
from emp_details
where .....
} | sqlplus -s testuser/testpass@testdb > EmpDetails.txt

As I need a comma separated file.

When the file is created, a sample lines looks like below:

2514,MY_TEST_NAME_IS,351,23728929,THIS_IS_A_TEST VALUEQ,47265,Y,01-04-2008,01-01

As you can see there is an extra carriage return coming after "01-01" and the "-2027" is going to the next line. This is happening with all the outout lines. Any data after a particular length is going to the next line.
How can I remove this formatting issue?

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Old 10-19-2007
Set Lines

Hi Deepak

The parameter you are looking for is the SET LINESIZE. It sets the number of characters as page width of the query results.

In you example, put this line after 'echo "set head off"':

echo "SET LINESIZE 300"


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Old 10-25-2007
Hi Er,

It worked Smilie Thanks for the help.

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