conditional deletion of log files

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conditional deletion of log files

i am a newbie and learning the ropes.........want to know how can i include a piece of code in a script (which redirects log files to a company standard out file) to delete the log files which are empty but should retain only those which has some process information in it......this should happen simultaneously while the script is still running.....this script runs in autosys for every 5 mins and has created a huge log of empty files.......please help..........

Thanks in advance....
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You can use the -s option of the test(1) utility to determine
if the log file size is greater than zero i.e.

if test -s $LOGFILE
rm -f $LOGFILE
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Thank you.......will try it now............
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Thank you fpmurphy, its working for me......can you also let me know if i have to delete all those empty logs as well as those logs which are not processing any data?? I mean the logs which has a lil data like......processing.....but doesnt find anything to process...this log will only have the info that it is processing and nothing else (it dint find any data to process). How can i delete those logs along with the empty ones....

Thanks in advance.....

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