What kind of Linux for the newbies?

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What kind of Linux for the newbies?

I am one of the newbies. I want to load linux on my notebook, however, i am not sure which linux is the most recommend for the newbies.

Could you please advise?

Thanks you very much for any advise you may give me.

Best Regards,

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This question is dangerously close to violating the rule about no OS comparisions. If it ends up with an OS flamewar expect it to be closed quickly . . .

However, since you're asking for advice I'll suggest you look at Ubuntu for an easy Linux for new users. It is considered one of the more newbie-friendly distributions.

If you are looking to learn a lot about Linux and don't mind a steep learning curve and some frustration Arch Linux might be appropriate. It is definately not aimed at newbies. It installs just a basic Linux kernel, without even a graphical desktop, and lets you build what you want on top of that. But the forums and wiki provide pretty good support if you're willing to really work at it and teach yourself Linux.
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Do you only have one machine? Does it have another operating system on it? Do you want to save the contents of that operating system?

To do a normal installation linux will need it's own partition(s), this may mean reinstalling any other operating system on the machine and applications onto a smaller partition.

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