How to rename multiple files with a common suffix

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Old 09-28-2007
How to rename multiple files with a common suffix


There are multiple files like
file3_11.....and so on.

How to rename them such tht the suffix _11 is removed and they become file1, file2, file3.

Any help is appreciated.

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Old 09-28-2007
With zsh:

zsh 4.3.4% ls
file1_11  file2_11  file3_11
zsh 4.3.4% autoload -U zmv
zsh 4.3.4% zmv '*' '${f/_11/}'
zsh 4.3.4% ls
file1  file2  file3

If you have rename:

zsh 4.3.4% ls
file1_11  file2_11  file3_11
zsh 4.3.4% type rename
rename is /usr/bin/rename
zsh 4.3.4% rename 's/_11//' *_11
zsh 4.3.4% ls
file1  file2  file3


$ ls
file1_11  file2_11  file3_11
$ for f in *_11;do mv "$f" "${f%_11}";done
$ ls
file1  file2  file3

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