Script for reading filelist and preparing param file.

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Script for reading filelist and preparing param file.

Hi All,

Not sure if this would be in a dummies sectiin or advanced. I'm looking for a script if someone has doen something like this.

I have list of files -

I need to process these files using informatica process and write the content of the file to a DB table. While writing the file to db i need to capture the date from the file name and pass to a parameter file in unix and use the parameter file to write the data value in db. And also i need to process 1 file for each run so that i can grab teh date from teh file name and capture in a param file which will be used by Informatica process. Something like this -

file processing adc_earnedpoints.20070630.txt should be renamed to generic file adc_earnedpoints.txt and the date 20070630 should be wrriten to a param file with values -
s_load_earned_points (informatica session)
$$process_date=20070630 (which will be called in teh informatica mapping.

And similarly process teh rest of files.

Has anyone ever done something like this before, if so could you please provide teh script for this.

Any help is greatly & kindly appreciated.

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Please let me know

Please also let me know if you got the answer.
Thank you
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Woudl appreciate your help. Has anyone ever did something like this? Plese share with me. I need this ASAP. Having hard time, would kindly appreciate.

The Learner...

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