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Set prompt, problems and tricks

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Old 09-26-2007
Set prompt, problems and tricks

I'm using a csh shell (or, that'd be my guess from the .cshrc file I see) and I'm looking to change my prompt.

There are about 10 other threads, I know, but this question is a little more specific. I want to know, is there a way to list the current directory from a certain level or directory down? That is, I'm using a university's Unix server and I don't need to see
/home/ugrads/myName on every line, but I'd like to see everything from myName/ down (so I know where in my own directories I am).

Is it possible to cut the directory like this? Also, using a command like set prompt = "$PWD Through the Hedge \!% :" seems to set the prompt line to the current directory only. Makes sense, setting it equal to the current value of the PWD variable.

How do I get it to change whenever I change directories?

Links to pre-existing helpful threads appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 09-26-2007

See HOWTO: Change your Shell Prompt ... cheers, drl
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Old 09-26-2007
It makes a big differnce whether you are using csh or tcsh.

Please post the output of "echo $0" ( without quotes )
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Old 09-26-2007
This is an ugly way to do it.

VAR0=`echo $HOME | cut -f3 -d'/'`
VAR1=`echo $HOME | wc -c`
VAR2=`pwd | cut -c${VAR1}-`
echo ${VAR0}${VAR2}

But it will give you the desired output.

I wouldn't use this example because if you go below your $HOME path it doesn't show anything.
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Old 09-26-2007
And in csh what will happen if this is used for a prompt is that the pormpt will have a fixed value and not be updated when the directory is changed.

See my post in the FAQ for what needs to be done to get the prompt to update dynamically, on the other hand in tcsh %~ would be an option to explore.
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Old 09-26-2007

I find this to be very useful in tcsh with regard to the prompt:
%c[[0]n], %.[[0]n]
The trailing component of the current working directory, or
n trailing components if a digit n is given. If n begins
with `0', the number of skipped components precede the
trailing component(s) in the format `/<skipped>trailing'.
If the ellipsis shell variable is set, skipped components
are represented by an ellipsis so the whole becomes
`...trailing'. `~' substitution is done as in `%~' above,
but the `~' component is ignored when counting trailing

-- excerpt from man tcsh
cheers, drl
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Old 09-26-2007
Originally Posted by reborg
It makes a big differnce whether you are using csh or tcsh.

Please post the output of "echo $0" ( without quotes )
Looks like tcsh. I didn't have a .tcshrc file, but I made one by copying my .cshrc file.

%c[[0]n], %.[[0]n] didn't help much (I just got the current dir followed by all the extra syntax as a static) but the HOWTO: Change your Shell Prompt really helped with that table at the bottom.

%~ seems to be exactly what I wanted. Thanks all.

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