How to create an run a simple batch file?

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How to create an run a simple batch file?

So, I created a file named TEST.BAT in my home directory.

In it, I wrote:

#! /bin/bash
echo Hello

and then, saved the file.

Then, at the command-line interface, I typed TEST.BAT, but the command-line never executes the file and thus, never returns "Hello". It says "command not found".

I tried various combinaisons, such as TEST, 'TEST', "TEST", 'TEST.BAT' and "TEST.BAT". I also put "exec" in front of all these commands...but it still says "command not found".

Any help?
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did you try ./TEST.bat
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and did you try "chmod +x TEST.BAT"

Try to use UNIX naming conventions.

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