New User/Mail setup question. PLEASE help.

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New User/Mail setup question. PLEASE help.

OK, here's the situation. Our regular computer guy left the company without warning. We are in the process of replacing him with someone much more knowlegeable than I, but as of right now, I have been handed the duties. Our mail server is running OpenBSD and I need to set up a new employee with an email account. I am very VERY superficially acquianted with unix. I know ls and cd and mkdir and rmdir and like 6 other things. However, I do know IP address of our mail server, and how to set up the windows end of his account (In thunderbird) etc. etc. So, I'm really just needing the Unix end of the equation.

Can anyone either point me to a site that will give me step-by-step instructions or list them here?

Again, I just need to set a new employee up with an email account in OpenBSD. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a million.

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There could be multiple answers to your question depending on : what Mail Transfer Agent is being used (Sendmail probably); is there a front end to it, or just "adduser", is this real world SMTP or just local mail, do you have root access ? Take a look at this link, but in any case it will be better if you wait for someone with more knowledge than you Smilie We, from the forum, can hardly give you an advice for situation requiring look at the configuration files.
Personally I have done Sendmail on FreeBSD, but I wrote custom perl Front end to do the job.
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Thanks for the link and help. Using that link I added the user and mail goes to his username, but I just need help with one small thing.

He only receives mail at Sending mail to does not work. However, everyone else at the office receives it at Is there a quick way to cause him to receive mail at the like everyone else?

Again, thanks a lot for the help. I promise this is just a one-time thing, until we get a new IT guy in. I won't be on here asking for you guys to hold my hand every day with something new. (I'm gonna read some UNIX books in the case that they need me to take over in the future.)

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A maybe

Have a look at /etc/alias(s)

I am not *sure* this is your solution but i have seen /etc/aliases used to get mail forwarded from one account to another

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