Urgent - Single User Mode -Unisys System V Release 4.0

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Urgent - Single User Mode -Unisys System V Release 4.0

Hello All,

I have a Unisys 6000/65 machine running Unix System V Release 4.0.My problem is that we received an error that said "SPCS error occurred"and "vxfs:vx -ilisterr-inode 62585 mark bad /filesystem".The machine was stuck and I had to restart it.Now I cannot login from any workstation or the console with any user accounts or passwords.How do I get into single user mode?During the boot process you get a message saying "starting unix boot loader" and another shortly thereafter saying "booting unix".Pressing any key at this stage prompts you to choose a kernel to boot.The networking part works fine as you can ping the box but just can't log onto it.

PS:You will be forgiven for not having heard of the Unisys 6000/65 or that version of unix for that matter.
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Try booting from the CDrom.
Wild guess is you lost the OS disk.
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Thanks for your response.
Machine has no CDROM nor does it have a stiffy drive.It does however have a Floppy drive and a couple of tape drives. and yes I can't seem to find the boot floppy's or tapes.The machine was initially setup in the 90's.


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