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Old 01-31-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver set, setenv

Well first of all I am a real Unix newbie. I am taking a course on it in University. I kind of understand set and setenv but, I think it si something that I should really understand. So I thought that I would try a forum out and see how good you guys really are.

The question:
Execute the following commands:
set > file.set
setenv > file.setenv
Explain as much as you can when you cat these two files.

So I took a look at file.set and I found:
argv ()
cwd /homes/e/ee325328/assignment.2
home /homes/e/ee325328
path ( a whole bunch of paths)
prompt sol%
shell /bin/csh
status 0
term ansi
user ee325328

file.setenv contains:
PATH=bla bla

Now.... I get most of the basic stuff HOME, cwd, prompt
Some of the other stuff I am not too sure about though. I would really appreciate it if you guys helped me out with this one. Thanks

(Just as future reference, I am actually using XP and I just telnet to a computer on the university. How would I copy the text from my telnet window to something like this? Or this this a lot harder then I think. Thanks)
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Old 01-31-2002
w6u6f - it would pay to keep in mind that this forum doesn't do homework for you. We'll help if you have genuine questions but putting a question like this in the forum is likely to get one of three responses......

1. Do your own homework.
2. Read a book.
3. Visit the man page.

So now you know.

But I'll be nice and give you a hint ..... keep in mind that an environment variable can be absolutely anything that you may have a use for. It's really just a place where all your variables within the current shell are stored. Use the man page for each separate variable - some will be generic type ones that will give you a good explanation....others will be customised i.e. logname and will not appear there at all.

Use 'man -k your_word_here'.

This will let you search the man pages for keywords as oppsed to 'man your_word_here' which will search only for that specific command name.

And of course - point 1,2 and 3 above for 'env' and 'set'

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