Potential new user of Unix

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Potential new user of Unix

Hi all,

Complete and utter virgin Unix person here (I don't even have the OS yet)

As I'm doing a "looking into it" kinda thing before I move from MS I hope my questions are not inappropriate.

1. Should I get some kind off anti virus software. I know Unix is pretty good for not getting them compared to MS, but it pays to be careful.
2. If so who from
3. How do I tell if my computer will run Unix or derivative OS (my laptop is a Toshiba although I am thinking of moving to Apple Mac - problem solved I guess - if $$$ permit)
4. Where can I get the OS from. Download over internet or do I need to purchase it

I guess that's to start with as I'm sure with my knowledge growing so will my questions.

I am doing research over the internet (I just moved to Firefox form IE, what a difference) and hope to make this forum a way to get info too.

Cheers all.
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If you get a new Macintosh laptop it will come with OS X which is a form of UNIX.

What is the model of laptop?

Virus's are a totally different kettle of fish on UNIX, it's more about locking down the machine to prevent unauthorised access or denial of service.
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My current laptop is a Toshiba M70. Nothing special, but does the job for what I use it for.

As for my desk top, well its a bit of a hotch potch.
AMD 64 3500+ and 2g ram
radeon 1600 128m grafix card (that needs updating)
winfast NF4 series Mboard
(currently over clocked by 1% till I improve the cooling again)
plus other stuff
Not really interested in playing with the desktop as it works good and I don't want to play with it till I know what I'm doing so the lappy is the fist choice.

Both are using XP home ATM with MS everything and a few others slapped in there for good measure.

I don't know that much about Unix and the derivatives, hence me being here.

Any info appreciated


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