su auto run help

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su auto run help

how can I make auto run through script the comand SU - username
and given password
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with TCL/expect - drawback - you need to store root pass in file. Example :
spawn su -
expect ?assword:
send "root-pass-here\r"

or else use sudo
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thaks Sysgate but the code expect not work
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#!/usr/bin/expect  #--- the place for expect executable, replace respectively on your system

set timeout -1  #--- sets the timeout to unlimited

spawn su -  #--- invoke system command, takes little time

expect assword:  #--- what to expect, the word password should be escaped

send "$pass\r"  #--- send string to expect buffer

send "exit\r"
expect eof  #--- both self-explanatory

Let me know what errors you see executing this script, whether you have expect installed, etc...
Also, let us know what is your OS, basically, what you have to do, is to simulate session for "su -" command.

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