Grep a line with between 3 and 5 digits

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Old 09-17-2007
Grep a line with between 3 and 5 digits


I am having problems using grep to extract only 3,4 or 5 digit numbers from a text file, using:

grep '\<[0-9]\{3,5\}\>' test.txt
grep '[0-9]\{3,5\}' test.txt
egrep '[0-9]{3,5}' test.txt

I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me


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Old 09-17-2007
On Linux, this command works correctly:

grep '\<[0-9]\{3,5\}\>' test.txt

On Solaris you may try this (not tested though):

/usr/xpg4/bin/grep -E '\<[0-9]\{3,5\}\>' test.txt

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