I am one of the newbies, please advise

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I am one of the newbies, please advise

I am new to UNIX and Linux. I have some experiences with Windows server. I am thinking to start with those OS (Unix/Linux) and more specifically with the OS for the server. however, i have no idea which one would i start first, unix or linux? Because i also dont know how they are different.

Could you please advise where should i go first?

Thanks you very much for any advise you may give me.

Best Regard,

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Get a cheap or unused PC.

Connect it to a network.

Download Linux and install linux on it.

Have a play.
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moving to unix

good advice from Porter I would say

I would also add that in my view Unix and Linux are virtually the same - there *are* differences but the std commands for listing dirs, viewing files, copying, moving, deleting etc are all the same.

If you are moving from windows try to get used to using the command line in Unix/Linux - it is where you will spend lots of your time and it also gives you the ability to do things if you do not have a graphical interface available.
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thanks you very much for the replies. Could just please give me a bit more advise when/where should we implement unix/linux?

Thanks you very much for your time and any other advice you may give me.

Best Regards,


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