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Question Firewall Box

I am a novice to linux and unix and command line, I am willing to jump in head first. I have a couple older computers, one is a dell XPS with a P2 Proccessor and th other is a old old sony VIAO. I have a small home network 3 computers...i have my DSL modem then thats connected to my wireless router, 2 computers are in the office on wireless lan, the third is wired to te router...I was wanting to take the dell and throw it in as a firewall box between the DSL and the router....could anyone help with the OS i would need and some config and hardware ideas.....Thanks
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Chapter 8: Local Network Services: Gateway Services of the book below discusses setting up Firestarter on Fedora ... cheers, drl

Title: Linux System Administration
Author: Adelstein & Lubanovic
Edition: 1st
Date: 2007
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596009526
Pages: 270
Categories: linux, debian, SA, system administration
Comments: Prefers Debian over RedHat, SuSE because of cost
Comments: includes Load Balancing, HA, backup, virtualization, more
Comments: 3.5 stars (Amazon 2007.07)
Comments: web: O'Reilly Media -- Bookstore: Linux System Administration
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Check out OpenBSD. It has a built-in firewall called 'pf' which you can use - it is very flexible and should have all the functionality you need for the scenario you have described. There are lots of examples out there for pf.conf configuration files, and the man pages are well written. Good luck!

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