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Sun Solaris 10: How do I create a bootup disc? The Sun website confuses me

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Old 09-03-2007
Sun Solaris 10: How do I create a bootup disc? The Sun website confuses me

Hey there,

I am starting a Computer Science Foundation year at the end of this month and am trying to get a little bit ahead of the game. I have always wanted to learn Unix and am currently struggling with creating a boot disc to run Solaris (I have chosen to study this) from as opposed to installing it on the computer

I have searched google, and read through lots of library books on Unix but they are seem to lack a comprehensive installation guide for dummys like me!

I would be greatful for any advice which someone who has been through it all could contribute and thank you!


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csh(1), ex(1) B. W. Kernighan and M. E. Lesk, LEARN - Computer-Aided Instruction on UNIX BUGS
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