The hard disk at channel 2, target 1 had a soft error.

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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers The hard disk at channel 2, target 1 had a soft error.
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Old 01-23-2002
Data The hard disk at channel 2, target 1 had a soft error.

Hi there!

I received the following error message

The hard disk at channel 2, target 1 had a soft error.

The output of a system check reveiled the following (see entry <2,1> ):

SWXCR xcr0 error counters:

RAID Array 200 Controller Family Information Utility V1.03
Copyright (c)1997,1998 by Compaq Computer Corporation, all rights reserved.

***** Controller Physical Device Error Counts for xcr0 *****

Channel, Parity Soft Hard Misc
Target: Errors: Errors: Errors: Errors:
<0,0> 0 0 0 0
<0,1> 0 0 0 0
<0,2> 0 0 0 0
<0,3> 0 0 0 0
<0,4> 0 0 0 0
<0,5> 0 0 0 0
<0,6> 0 0 0 0
<1,0> 0 0 0 0
<1,1> 0 0 0 0
<1,2> 0 0 0 0
<1,3> 0 0 0 0
<1,4> 0 0 0 0
<1,5> 0 0 0 0
<1,6> 0 0 0 0
<2,0> 0 0 0 0
<2,1> 0 1 0 0
<2,2> 0 0 0 0
<2,3> 0 0 0 0
<2,4> 0 0 0 0
<2,5> 0 0 0 0
<2,6> 0 0 0 0

My question is; Can someone explain why or in which circumstances I would receive this error message? Also What actions would you suggest?

Thanx in advance.
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Old 01-23-2002
Not sure if this applies to your case or not, but I used to work on a DG/UX machine connected to a Data General disk array. We would occasionally get similar "soft errors", maybe once or twice a year. The documentation we found said that they indicated that the array had encountered an error, but had been able to correct it internally. They could safely be ignored, as long as they didnt become frequent. Check out your RAID array documentation to see if it says anything about these errors.

P.S. anyone else had the, umm, "pleasure" of working with DG/UX?
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