Serius ERROR on HPUX 1020

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Old 01-23-2002
Here is some help.


Where to start! So many problems. I am an HP admin so I should be able to give you some answers. Here are some of them.

If you have any future questions the website is very good!

1) the /dev/root is the device file for root. If you do a "ll /dev/root" the output looks just like any other device file in the /dev directory. I am not sure what the error message is telling you.

2) You need to check if you have an /etc/utmp file that exists.
#>ll utmp
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1320 Jan 23 09:38 utmp

Just do "touch utmp" to create it if it is not present. Do a man on utmp to see more info.

3) On those startup scripts in /sbin/rc1.d, you will have to do some investigation on your own on these. Copy them to another file in your home directory or /tmp and read these files. See what exactly they are doing and see where they are having problems.

4) Tombstones are created to log errors during boot. You can view these files in /var/tombstones. They are ascii text. You can glean some info from them. Go to and search for tombstones. It will give you much more info there. Here is one very good link from there.,00.html

Here is another one that says that pcdinfo is not supported. You may want to remove it from your startup.,00.html

5) Regarding your vx-nospaces on /dev/root. Here is a good link.

6) Here is some help that I can give you on the core files.
This may help some. It will tell you what executable created the core file but it will also give you the -i option to keep or delete it.


To find and remove core files

to find and remove.
PROMPT> find ~ -name core -exec file {} \; -exec rm -i {} \;

to find and list.
PROMPT> find ~ -name core -exec file {} \; -exec ls -lt {} \;

The File will show which
executable the core file is
for and the -i option to rm
will allow you to choose
weather to delete it or not.

Smilie Smilie

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