largefile (>2gb) problem

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Old 01-17-2002
largefile (>2gb) problem

i'm working on SCO unix 7 and i'm trying to be able to creat files greater than 2GB.

i've done the following and still haven't soved the problem:
1) fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles [mountpoint]
2) ulimit -f, -d, -s, -c unlimited
3) scoadmin > system tuning > Defaults manager > vxfs defaults: stting maxsize to approx 12GB
4) scoadmin > system tuning > Process Limit Parameters: changed values of SFSZLIM and HFZSLIM to 0x7FFFFFFF

i still get the error "file size limit exceeded" when i try to cat two 2GB files to one 4GB file.

what the heel is the problem?????
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Old 01-17-2002
It may be something to do with the following:
(Check your version of VxFS - found at )

VxFS 3.2 contains new features that are incompatible with earlier versions of some operating systems and with old applications. These features are large files (file sizes greater than 2 Gbyte), and hierarchical storage management via the DMAPI (Data Management Applications Programming Interface).

Large files are available only with the Version 4 disk layout, available in VxFS 3.2 and above, so an older operating system running a previous version of VxFS would never be exposed to them (the file system mount would fail). But many existing applications will break if confronted with large files, so a compatibility flag is provided that allows or prevents the creation of large files on the file system. If the largefile compatibility flag is set, large files may be created on the file system. If it is not set, any attempt to create a large file on the file system will fail. If the largefiles flag is set on a file system, files can be created that are larger than 2 Gbytes in size.

An attempt to set the flag via the -o largefiles option will succeed only if the file system has the Version 4 disk layout (see the vxupgrade(1M) manual page to upgrade a file system from the Version 1 or later disk layout to the Version 4 disk layout). An attempt to clear the flag via the -o nolargefiles option will succeed only if the flag is set and there are no large files present on the file system (see mount_vxfs(1M).

NOTE: Changing the largefile compatibility flag may require changes to /etc/vfstab. For example, if fsadm is used to set the largefile compatibility flag, but nolargefiles is specified as a mount option in /etc/vfstab, the filesystem will not be mountable.
The -o largefiles and -o nolargefiles options are the only fsadm options that can be used on an unmounted file system. An unmounted file system can be specified by invoking fsadm with a special device rather than a mount point. If an unmounted file system is specified, it must be clean.
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Old 01-18-2002
What about removing the vxfs file system and instead use ufs. ufs also supports largefiles.

UNIX srv4 already supported largefile support. is it then wrong to assume that unixware 7 would have an older than ver3.2 Veritas file system? unixware 7 should support largefiles.

is there a unix command that can be used to check the version of the installed veritas file system?
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Old 01-18-2002
i think i've managed to determine what the problem is:

- I used the "ulimit -f unlimited" command;
- when i type "ulimit -a" the output gives filesize as "unlimited"
- but when i use ulimit without prameters, it gives me output of 419430, that eqauls 2Gb!

what's the problem???
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