how do I insert argument into TOP of file using vi?

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Error how do I insert argument into TOP of file using vi?

when directing some text into a file can you choose where it goes like the top of the file (which is text aswell) or the middle??

if so how - especially would like to know how to do so in vi (text editor)

If i were to enter an argument ([text]$1) into a another argument ([file]$2)

would it would be something like

$1 >> $2


please help

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I do not fully understand your question.

In any event, if you want to enter a parameter in the unix prompt
and insert it to the top of a file:
(echo $1;cat input_file) > $$Temp
mv $$Temp input_file

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using vi i want to make a script that takes 1 argument (some text) and inserts it into a 2nd argument (another file)

I need to know how to insert that text into the top and middle of the file.
the middle being the hardest part
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You'll need to use wc -l to find the number of lines in the file, use shell builtins or bc to perform some arithmetic and work out where the middle of the file would be, and then use sed's insert command to insert your text. There are many ways to do this sort of thing.

Please let us see a snippet of what you've done so far, and we can provide feedback.

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the only thing i understood from that was wc.

i just need to know how to put the text like 2 lines in or if there is an automatic way - i.e. a command that can enter text at around 50% of wc.
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OK, sed's insert command would be hassle here, so awk is probably easiest. "line_file" is your input filename.

# get midway point - will be a floored integer
$ line_num=$(( $( wc -l < line_file ) / 2 ))
# insert text after that line
$ awk '{if ( NR=='"${line_num}"' ) {printf("%s\n%s\n",$0,"insert this");} else {print}}' line_file > && mv line_file

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cant use sed or awk

i cant use sed or awk so i was thinking of something like using head and tail to split up the file but it aint working quite right, plus it doesnt fit with the notion of adding any argument

head -$N file > f1
tail -$N file > f2
cat f1 #need to echo and cat $1 here# f2 > newfile
mv! newfile file #needs to retain file name

could n be subbed for a variable that halfs the wc -l or something.

if anyone can shed some differing light upon this idea i wud b eternally grateful

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