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calculate average of column 2

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Old 07-06-2007
calculate average of column 2

Hi I have fakebook.csv as following:

F1(current date) F2(popularity) F3(name of book) F4(release date of book)
2006-06-21,6860,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-22,,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-23,7120,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-24,,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-25,7498,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-26,7500,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-27,7750,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-28,7860,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-29,,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31
2006-06-30,7860,"Harry Potter",2006-12-31

I want to add a new column in each line that is Field 5 (average popularity[over a sample of three days] 6 months before release date)

So for the harry potter book, the release date is 2006-12-31, I need to find the average value of field 2 over the following date points: 2006-06-30,2006-06-28 and 2006-06-27. (This problem is complicated by the fact that the popularity of 2006-06-29 is unavailable and left as blank in the csv, so 2006-06-29 is skipped in the calculation of average).

My supervisor gave me a short timespan to solve this.I've already got the datecalc script found in FAQ but haven't found its use in my context yet. Can someone please help me? Thanks a million!

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bookman(1)																bookman(1)

bookman - Generate a book from man pages SYNOPSIS
bookman [-pPxn] [-o outfile] [-a author] [-d date] [-r release] [-t title] [-v volume] [-c coverfile] [manfile] DESCRIPTION
bookman compiles a set of man pages files specified by manfile arguments, or if no manfile is given, filenames are read from standard input. OPTIONS
-p PDF output format. -P Postscript output format. -x X11 previewing, using gxditview(1). -n no format, output is direct gtroff intermediate format. -o outfile Output in file outfile. Default is standard output. -a author Set the author, on the cover page. -d date Set the date on the cover page. -r release Set the book name and release on the cover page. -t title Set the title on the cover page. -v volume Specify the name of the volume. -c coverfile Uses the file coverfile to generate the cover page, i.e. all pages preceding the table of content. coverfile must be in groff_ms(7) format. EXAMPLE
To build a reference manual from section 2 man, do: $ cd /usr/man/man2 $ bookman -p -t 'Unix Reference Manual' * >book.pdf SEE ALSO
man(1), mandoc(7), groff_ms(7), groff(1), troff(1), grops(1), gxditview(1), ps2pdf(1). AUTHOR
Marc Vertes <> txt2man-1.5.5 11 April 2011 bookman(1)

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