How would I telnet & change user password automatically in a script

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Old 01-11-2002
Question How would I telnet & change user password automatically in a script

I would like to create a script that logs into a list of several servers 50+ and changes my password all at once.

Every 60 days we are required to login to each system and change our passwords or else they expire and our login account is deleted.

I have an idea on how I could do this but have not tested whether you can run just a basic telnet in a script to automatically change to a predetermined password.

This has to work on AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, & Linux.

All of the existing passwords are the same for my account so no logic would have to be built for exceptions.

What would be the best way to do this?
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Old 01-11-2002

If you are authorized to use remote shell (rsh, remsh in AIX) this would be one way of accomplishing this. These commands allow you to runa command on a remote system if you have access to do so.

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Old 01-11-2002
Can't always do rsh commands

Unfortunately most of the servers I am trying to access do not allow rsh or any "r" commands.

I have tried to test autologging into the host but I don't know how to get telnet to accept a username and password from the script.
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Old 01-11-2002
You would not want to do this with telnet.... telnet has a text in the clear (not encrypted)... so you would be opening all these servers up to the potential for security breaches.......

You could use a script AFTER opening an SSH command line session... that means you need SSH on every server.....
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Old 01-14-2002

I will leave ssh up to the Systems Administrators, to see if they can provide some type of solution to synchronize our passwords. Some Admins but not all, use NIS+ which works well.

I don't care if I pass a clear text password. How would I create the script anyway?
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