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Old 01-07-2002
veritas/STOREDGE A1000

I am a Dba and very new to filesystems and stuff.
I think that we have Veritas filesystems on my Sun SOlaris 5.8 box, how do I confirm this: all my filesystems are mounted like this:

Now we are also using disk arrays (storedge a1000) how do I access them from the system. Please help, I am very new to this

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Old 01-07-2002
If your filesystems are mounted /dev/vx then they are controlled by Veritas. If they were /dev/md then it would be DiskSuite. If just /dev/dsk then it would be a normal mount (no mirroring or other type of disk managment).

You should not access the A1000 directly - let the Veritas software do what it was made for. Get with your System Administrator for more information if needed.
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