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Old 02-14-2001


Is it possible to copy the bootdiskette with one command?
If so, please tell me how.

My regards...
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Old 02-14-2001

You can use mkbootdisk.

For example:
mkbootdisk --device /dev/fd1 2.2.5-15
When prompted, insert a diskette into the diskette drive and press ENTER

Note: Replace kernel version with your kernel version number.

To get kernel version uname -r

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Old 02-14-2001

I used dd to make bookdisks. For example, if my current kernel is /newest-kernel I just do the one liner:

dd if=/newest-kernel of=/dev/floppy

where /dev/floppy is a symlink to the current floppy device, i.e. /dev/fd0.

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