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Old 06-06-2007
Rss reading

I am trying to make a script that downloads/reads an rss feed every couple of days and then parses through looking at the results. I am unsure of how to get the information from the feed. Anyone have any suggestions on where to start?

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LIFEREA(1)						      General Commands Manual							LIFEREA(1)

Liferea - RSS/RDF and Atom news aggregator SYNOPSIS
Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is an RSS/RDF and Atom news aggregator which also supports CDF channels, OCS, and OPML directories. It's intended to be a clone of the Windows-only FeedReader. It can be used to maintain a list of subscribed feeds, browse and search through their items and displays their contents. OPTIONS
Liferea options: --version output version information and exit --help display a option overview and exit --mainwindow-state=STATE Start Liferea with its mainwindow in STATE: shown, iconified, hidden --debug-all Print debugging messages of all types --debug-cache Print debugging messages for the cache handling --debug-conf Print debugging messages of the configuration handling --debug-gui Print debugging messages of all GUI functions --debug-html Enables HTML rendering debugging. Each time Liferea renders HTML output it will also dump the generated HTML into ~/.lif- erea_1.6/output.xhtml. --debug-parsing Print debugging messages of all parsing functions --debug-performance Print debugging messages when a function takes too long to process --debug-plugins Print debugging messages for the plugin loading --debug-trace Print debugging messages when entering/leaving functions --debug-update Print debugging messages of the feed update processing --debug-verbose Print verbose debugging messages DBUS INTERFACE
To allow integration with other programs Liferea profives a DBUS interface for automatic creation of new subscriptions. The script liferea- add-feed is a convenient way to use this interface. Just pass a valid feed URL as parameter and the feed will be added to the feed list. You can also pass non-feed URLs to use feed auto discovery. Example: liferea-add-feed "" Please note that Liferea needs to be running for liferea-add-feed to work. ENVIRONMENT
http_proxy If a proxy is not specified in the Liferea preferences (which uses the proxy settings in gconf), then Liferea will use the proxy specified in $http_proxy. $http_proxy should be set to a URI specifying the desired proxy, for example 'http://proxy.exam-'. FILES
/usr/lib/liferea/ Contains Liferea plugins /usr/share/liferea/css/ Contains stylesheets for feed display /usr/share/liferea/opml/ Contains default feedlists ~/.liferea_1.6/ Contains user feedlist and feed cache AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Lars Lindner <>. May 12, 2009 LIFEREA(1)

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