What!!! 1000mb Unix OS? Download???

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Old 01-05-2002
What!!! 1000mb Unix OS? Download???

I've finally figured out on my own how to partition a hard drive for linux. And now I need the linux syxtem to put on it. I need it to study programming, not for business purposes.

I looked at FreeBSD, but couldn't login anonymously. How can I get a zip file download for a beginner?

I found 2 files here:

But I don't know if they're what I need. And it will take my computer about 5 nights to download them. 634m and 475m.
and, I live at the end of the road where modems still run at 28k.

Why are those files so large?

Help! please!!
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Old 01-05-2002
If you have a 28.8 connection, you may be happier go to a bookstore and buy or order your distribution .... on CDROM...... highly advisable....... that is what I would do.....
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Old 01-07-2002
Or another thing you could do. Get a computer mag, sometimes those free CD's have linux on them. Or there's some linux mags out there and they have a O/S with them. Costs about $15-20 AUD.

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Old 01-08-2002
Head on over to www.cheapbytes.com to order up some cheap-Unix-happiness... BSD and Linux, at a few bucks a pop.

Although the best way might be a how-to book... It gives you a Unix, then teaches you how to install, configure, and use it!

The reason so many Unix's are bloated are they they are designed to work on very generic hardware, as well as specialized. People want to make sure all of their hardware works properly with their operating system. Also, most Unices come with hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of bundled / free programs, utilities, applications, desktop themes (entirely different desktop managers too), etc, etc, etc... There are some "mini" distributions out there... some are only a few floppies in size...
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