Does WIN2K stomp on the boot record like NT?

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Old 01-04-2002
Does WIN2K stomp on the boot record like NT?

My home PC is dual boot with Linux and Win98. I want to upgrade both to a newer version, and have the Linux CD's now. What I need to know is does Win2K Pro stomp (write over LiLo) on the boot record like NT
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Old 01-06-2002
Although I don't know for certain, I understand
the Win2K has the same boot manager as WinNT.
I would then guess that your concern may be
quite valid.

A good URL...
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Old 01-07-2002
Yes, the Windows 2000 installer will overwrite the boot record. You must install Windows before Linux; and I suggest to use the boot loader which comes with Linux (as it is way more flexible). Have fun !
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