grep running total/ final total across multiple files

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Old 05-07-2007
grep running total/ final total across multiple files

Ok, another fun hiccup in my UNIX learning curve. I am trying to count the number of occurrences of an IP address across multiple files named example.hits. I can extract the number of occurrences from the files individually but when you use grep -c with multiple files you get the output similar to :

adventure.hits:6 adverts.hits:16 blog.hits:19 books.hits:8 cds.hits:7 contact.hits:2 crime.hits:11 dvds.hits:8 fantasy.hits:9 fiction.hits:12 food.hits:10 gadgets.hits:14 games.hits:21 gardening.hits:6 health.hits:13 hotlist.hits:20 index.hits:83 jobs.hits:4 mags.hits:14 music.hits:9 news.hits:5 nonfiction.hits:16 novels.hits:9 people.hits:10 recent.hits:17 sales.hits:4 sf.hits:16 software.hits:18 sport.hits:13 test.hits:6

is there a simple way to get grep to skip all the above information and just give the final total of occurences across all of the files?

I know it's probably staring me in the face but I just cant get my head around a simple and effective way to do it.

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Old 05-07-2007
I would use awks to maintain the totals, and print out the results in the END paragraph - need more information on the file format, and what you are grepping for to duplicate in awk.
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Old 05-07-2007
basically I have narrowed the file down into a list of IP address. then I search through each of the hit files using awk and grep

a .hit file contains an entry per line: Tue nov 22 20:30:45 GMT 2005

The code I have so far is:

IPList is a list of IP addresses

cat IPList | while read LINE
TOTALHITS=`grep -c "$LINE" *.hits`
echo $TOTALHITS $LINE >> totalIPHits

but the output of the grep command is as shown in the original post. how would I go about awking such a statement to keep total?
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Old 05-07-2007
something like this maybe

awk '{ Array[$1]++ }
END{ for (I in Array)
{ print I, Array[I]}
}' *.hit

This will scan multiple files that would be shown with an ls *.hit listing, then, using the first field as its key, maintain a total of the hits in the Array.

then, at the End, for each value in the array, print the Array Key followed by the count.
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Old 05-07-2007
ah I'll give that a try, thanks Smilie
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Old 05-08-2007
or simply ,

cat file1 file2 file3 file4 ............... | grep -c <ip_address>
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