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Old 02-11-2001
Here is our link to the PHP book on Fatbrain:

This is the book I used to get up PHP+Apache. As I recall, I was able to get it up and running very quickly after getting the book. I think they explain in better detail than the README, plus I need the MySQL info and they have a chapter on installing MySQL as well. This forum runs on Apache with PHP and MySQL, BTW.

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Old 02-11-2001

Thanks again Neo..
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Old 02-11-2001
MySQL Your're Welcome

The logical next step for you is to install and enable MySQL. This can be more trickly, in many ways, as Apache+PHP. However, if you check on you will find that most PHP applications use MySQL in the background. Getting up Apache+PHP is the first step in getting up the triple-threat combo Apache+PHP+MySQL Smilie Rock-n-Roll !! I hope you build a site, go public, and "may your stock go as high as Yahoo!" ++ don't forget to sell your holdings in the $200 range Smilie

When you do, please let us know and we will provide instructions to wire a small and humble $$$$ contribution to Smilie Smilie Electric power is getting expensive and now costs more than our ISP-DSL !! Bzzzzzzzzzzt.

OBTW: There is another secret-weapon for the bunker which energizes our marching bunny, but this device does not yet have an IP address so we can't put it on our network and serve it to forum members:


Actually, we have the Capresso 101 which is under $200 but I could not find it on Amazon Smilie We got ours at the local Coffee Beanery. Without this advanced chemical weapon, we are hopelessly lost and zombied most of the time; this is the hidden-element that keeps our slave-hamsters running the site generation wheels.

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Old 02-13-2001
i did the combo last week on two of my solaris boxes. I was able to get MySQL compiled on one, then it would not compile on the other so I packed it up and moved over the binary which worked.

as long as everything compiles ok, this is not such a bad install (the php/mysql/apache combo) - i was compiling apache with php and mod_dav modules.

However, it has been my experience that problem free compiling is a fairy tale. something always craps out! there is always something else you have to download and install, which often needs something else.

'make clean' is your friend!!

if you're interested, I have compiled some installation notes which will pretty much take one through the process of installing MySQL, PHP, DAV, and Apache.

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